"Plush Shapewear was created to allow women of all figures affordable access to quality body contouring garments. No matter your shape, feel confident wearing supportive, comfortable shapewear that contours your body to its desired look."

Paying strict attention to the keywords "shapewear" and "contouring", I chose to create a brand mark that relies heavily on an altered script logotype that attempts to mimic a females midsection. 2017

Plush brand mark
Plush brand mark

ACE Program

ACE stands for "After-School Child Enrichment" and the program consists of tutoring, drug & alcohol prevention, social emotional learning curriculums, and premier athletic instruction.

The brand mark seeks to accentuate the star potential of our youth while literally advertising, using iconography, the main programs the ACE Program offers. 2017

ACE Program brand mark
ACE Program brand mark

Natural Girls Workout

The client desired a brand mark that evoked "inspiration, an active lifestyle, and hair maintenance" for a company focused on getting more African American women to workout, particularly women with natural (non-processed) hair.

This prompted a mark that elicits strength, pride, and beauty by utilizing a clear source of strength (barbell) to double as a woman’s perfectly shaped afro, a source of pride and beauty. 2014

Natural Girls Workout brand mark
Natural Girls Workout brand mark

Ess Kee

Ess Kee is a Hip-Hop artist who specializes in thought provoking reality music. His actual last name is "Kee" so I chose to create a key using the natural shape of the the lower case "k" and then adding an icon of a microphone to infer that he has the key to good music. 2015

Ess Kee Workout brand mark
Ess Kee brand mark