ATHLETE Shirts was an apparel company founded in the summer of 2009 with the purpose of allowing consumers to advertise what type of ATHLETE they were.

The design called for a simple interface that asked the user what type of ATHLETE they were. The Customize page was also designed for simplicity and interaction. The user could input possible tags, brand marks, shirt styles, and colors and immediately see the result on a shirt before purchasing. They could also submit tags to help other customers.

The original plan was to create a shirt to wear with the word ATHLETE on it. I always claim to be an ATHLETE whenever I do something a little bit out of the ordinary, whether it be beating someone in a race or stopping the fast forward on the DVR at the precise moment the commercials go off. I soon changed my mind and wanted a t-shirt that said "all around ATHLETE". I pitched the idea to one of my best friends and he suggested that I create a web site that allows users to customize what type of ATHLETE they were. was born. (2009-2012)

Since Athlete Shirts was a dynamic e-commerce website that relied heavily on database funtionality the coded website is no longer available.

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